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Interview Open My Eyes Accoustic Version Justify Brown Version No Fear Freelance Hellraiser Remix F-F-F-Falling acoustic live Everything You Say Living in a World Without You Lucifer's Angel alternate mix Modify Lucifer's Angel Songtext von The Rasmus. Behind those eyes lies the truth and grief Behind those beautiful smiles I've seen tragedy The flawless skin hides the secrets within Silent forces that secretly ignite your sins Fly away, fly away From the torch of blame They haunt you The Lucifer's Angels Never lived, you never died Your life has been denied They call you The Lucifer's Angel Beyond these clouds you can hide all your tears Beyond this world you'll be safe from their wicked fears And in their hearts they fear your demands You know their minds won't accept you, they'll never understand.

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However, Angels never aged, Since the beginning of their creation they have always looked the way they look now. According to Amenadiel Angels were never children, they have always been the same. Amenadiel is the oldest Angel and is admired, feared and respected by many of his siblings.

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Angels are autonomous, divine beings and do not live in strict harmony with each other. Throughout the ages, they have had rivalries and disputes with each other.

God cast him out of Heaven, condemning him to rule Hell for all eternity. The rest of the angels continued to reside in Heaven and try to act in God's will. In , Lucifer voluntarily abdicated, leaving Hell with no ruler.

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Amenadiel, the firstborn angel who is hundreds of billions of years old, possibly trillions of years old and "fury of God," he is one of the strongest and most powerful Angels ever created by God. Amenadiel descended to Earth in to bring Lucifer back to his post, particularly irritated since he had taken over Lucifer's duties patrolling Hell and chasing down escaped souls of the dead.

After spending time on Earth and Hell, Amenadiel became seduced by temptation and committed various sins, including freeing a damned soul from Hell and sleeping with a demon , and eventually agreeing to stay on Earth and teaming up with Lucifer. Eventually Amenadiel began to lose his celestial powers and his angelic form began to decay, and he realized he had fallen.

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However, his condition was unlike Lucifer's as Lucifer retained his celestial powers, while Amenadiel became vulnerable and mortal, and lost his celestial powers and his god-like physical strength. After failing to keep a deal with God, Uriel came to Earth to collect on Lucifer's end of the deal. Lucifer convinced Amenadiel to meet Uriel to threaten and dissuade him and convince him to go back to Heaven.