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A painful discovery

Its a well-written story about one woman's quest to learn about her mother's life and death, and how it has impacted her. She was only 9 when the woman who'd abandoned her at birth was murdered. Now she's finally ready to seek the truth about her mother's tortured life and brutal death.

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My father told me her body had been found in the swimming pool of the Florida mental institution where she was in treatment, that she had gone swimming on a December day in and drowned. This was the story my maternal grandmother had told him. It took the brothers about four years to complete the film; two years to shoot the footage and another two to complete postproduction.

She wrote daily in diaries she kept during her stay at the house about her mood and her everyday activities. Bishop was diagnosed with bipolar disorder with psychosis by doctors at New Hampshire Hospital, but her intelligence still shone through.

Faces of Schizophrenia You May Know

She was also very strong-willed, signing a form that made it so her family could not know if she was discharged from the hospital, and making sure she was in charge of her own medical decisions. Ultimately, that strong-willed nature would lead to her demise, especially when doctors went along with her wishes. After being discharged from New Hampshire Hospital, she spent a few days walking over to East Concord, where she happened upon the abandoned farmhouse and decided she wanted to stay there because it was quieter and calmer than the hospital she had just left.

She lived in solitude for the next four months, picking a stash of hundreds of apples and collecting water out of a stream on the property. Her diaries reveal a hope she would be rescued, but a fear that there would be demons in homeless shelters. Years later, as the Wider brothers filmed in the farmhouse during cold winter months, they said it gave them an appreciation of the conditions Bishop lived through. The film is also being released in 40 theaters nationwide.

Mike Maddaloni went to Amazon. But instead of showing him the Synology router he was searching for at the I started isolating myself from other people.

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But then I started to believe that a therapist I once worked with was plotting with a well-known judge and other county and city officials to set me up. I became painfully paranoid. By the time my mom and aunt tried to get me admitted to a hospital, I had been actively psychotic for three weeks.

The First Trip to California

I was unable to sit still, pacing around the rooms I was in. I barricaded my mom into a bedroom because I thought people were after us, and I was attempting to jump out a second-story window to run away.

My mind was racing in circles trying to make sense of the distorted experiences. It is difficult to get someone admitted to a hospital involuntarily.

Schizophrenia Daily News Blog: A Daughter's Story on her Mother & Schizophrenia

As a social worker, I knew the system. The paranoia I was experiencing was so significant and overwhelming that I was convinced that once I went into the hospital, I would be drugged, tortured, and forced to testify that people I knew were criminals. My mind went around and around in circles playing out these terrifying scenarios.

The real story of Schizophrenia

After several days of going from one hospital to another with my mom and aunt, I finally agreed to sign myself in. In the locked unit of the hospital, the nurses conducted drug tests and blood work.