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Heidi now teaches lessons live online!

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She has taught voice work via online to students in Europe, Asia and around the United States. Please contact her if you are interested in setting up a online voice lesson.

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Finding Your Voice with Heidi Scheller explores the realm of discovering, expanding, developing and freeing your speaking voice through essential voice training. On the podcast she interviews talented actors, actresses and professionals she has worked with over the years to hear about what they have gained by working on their voices, and how their voice training benefits their personal and professional lives.

Trained in the classic Linklater technique, Heidi has been teaching students how to find their authentic voices since As a Designated Linklater Voice Teacher, she has spent a lot of time seeing first hand how beneficial and profoundly effecting this kind of work can be for both actors and non-actors alike.

Learn About Your Voice.

He is always willing to assist with issues and work with the customer to find solutions. I would have no hesitation in reccomending or working with David again in the future.

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I use it at the hospital to dictate clinical notes. I have been using your Dragon software for a number of years in my general medical practice. I am extremely satisfied with this product, and very impressed with the ease-of-use and accuracy. Dragon has been just brilliant for me. It has helped me to streamline the way I work, while improving my productivity levels.

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Sales Questions Need Support? We provide a basic level of support to all users, with premium support available via an annual maintenance and support contract. Contact us via our free phone, email and support forum. Support Required Check Forum Being part of the greater speech recognition and document creation community many users love to hear peers stories and tips and tricks.


Dont hesitate to contact our community forum. Forums coming soon. Email contact info voicepower. Site Dictated with Dragon. Be aware of your voice tone.

1. Learn How You Sound

Does your voice have energy? Do you sound angry, tired or bored?

Remember, as with other forms of non-verbal communications, your voice has to match the words that you say. If you say "I'm excited to be here," but your voice conveys boredom, the audience will believe your non-verbals rather than your words. Your voice has a wide range and the potential to convey meaning and emotion to your audience.

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